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Results with Modern Technology

These days, drone inspections are being performed in almost every industry that requires visual inspections as part of their procedures. At DASET, we use DJI Mavic Pro, the very best drone on the market.  By using a drone to collect visual data on the condition of your investment, a drone inspection helps our inspectors avoid having to place themselves in dangerous situations. The visual data is collected then reviewed in detail later by the inspector. Some review is done on the spot, but the thorough inspection after data that is collected represents the bulk of the visual inspection work. 

Primary benefits to a drone inspection:

  • We see what other inspectors can't. Including a look at the very top points of roofs, chimneys and other roof penetrations that you simply can't see from the ground.

  • Savings in liability insurance. By significantly reducing the amount of time our inspector is placed in dangerous situations we can reduce the corresponding insurance costs, which helps keep our rates competitive! 

  • Better records. Drone data represents a meticulous record of the condition of an asset over time. By archiving visual data, we have a digital footprint of the roof that can be accessed at any time.

  • Trusted service and results. DASET Home Inspections is an InterNACHI Certified Trained Drone Pilot company.

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