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DASET Home Inspections Thermal Imaging
DASET Home Inspections Thermal Imaging


Results with Modern Technology

DASET Home Inspections includes infrared technology in every inspection, as an integral part of our comprehensive inspection service. Infrared technology, an advanced and non-invasive tool, empowers our inspectors to reveal aspects of your investment that traditional inspection methods may not uncover.

Infrared technology proves invaluable in identifying and documenting potential moisture intrusion. When it comes to detecting moisture, our inspectors, armed with thermographic cameras, can pinpoint:

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Concealed roof leaks before they escalate into serious damage

  • Wet insulation

  • Water and moisture intrusion around penetrations, foundation, and building envelope that may lead to structural damage and mold.

Please note that, at present, we do not offer energy audits or any other services related to Infrared Technology. These services extend beyond the standard scope of a home inspection.

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