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Included in every inspection! 

Why should I get a WDI Inspections?
Have you ever been curious about what else might be living in your home? As a licensed termite inspector, we can help identify these pesky intruders. If identified, you then can use the report as leverage to negotiate for a treatment. This could save you hundreds!


How much does a WDI inspection cost?
There is no additional cost to add on a wood-destroying insect inspection to your home inspections.  If you are looking to just have a WDI inspection, the rate starts at $225.  All findings will be documented in your home inspection report with photos, location of issues observed, and an additional pest inspection report will be filled out. 


What if the inspection discovers bugs or damage?
If wood-destroying insects are found during the inspection, your inspector will be able to help advise what steps are needed next. Each bug attacks differently. Not all damage is structurally threatening. Not all signs or indications may be active. We will help clarify if treatment is recommended or not.

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